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RE: with 7,000 e-bombs in my Incoming, I'm not "subscribing"… but I really appreciated your ideas & wordsmithing!:

"WTF... We didn't go after Privates & Sergeants…(but) Generals & Ministers…" I will FWD that to Liz Cheney whose bells & whistles Showboat will be burned to the decks & scuttled the minute Republicans seize Congress (Senate's already just 1 heart attack or scandalous resignation away).

Quoting James 2:14& on... will also be forwarded to appropriate parties! Even though its not "his Book", I can see Bernie shaming the selfish religious right with this!

As no collection of Democrats has risen to tar & feather Spineless Blue Dogs Pelosi & Schumer & run them out of leadership on a sharpened rail for harboring traitors >1 year now, isn't that proof enough America's already a Red Giant star?

Pres. Biden's pissed off & is pissing off China (what a fool: the Olympics is when we lay down our swords for sport!), & we MUST work with China stopping Climate Change- it's the existential crisis of our time (NOT COVID!) But instead of providing friendly competition to President Xi's "Belt & Road" building infrastructure all over the 3rd world (with better treatment than the U.S.' Banana republics, b.t.w.), Mr. Obama offered military/ colonial-dependence modeled Africom- H.Q.'d in Germany? Will it build a railroad across Africa? Of course not!... but Of Course Elon Musk WOULD allow himself to play The Tool with his Chinese plant siting!

I'm no Economic Theorist BUT I really want to complain about is your use of the word "NeoLiberal". Remember when Republicans were whining Mr. Clinton was stealing thier ideas? Clinton wasn't against Welfare, except he made it "Workfare" requiring the poor seeking governmental benefits to work (many single parents) but did he provide Childcare to make it possible? THAT'S NEOLIBERAL! Remember when the slightly-left Clinton took us Progressives for granted, refusing to do what we wanted? (paraphrasing only slightly) "where else you got to go - Sucka?" THAT'S NEOLIBERAL! but while bad, that's NOT what's happening now, is it? What further markers would need to be passed for you to start using these descriptors appropriate now: "NeoCon", "Oligarchy", or "Plutocracy"?

If you're interesed, I have ideas for Big-picture societal levelers:

a True Flat Income Tax Rate on Gross No Deductions ($1 to infinity). Having NOTHING to do with how Congress allocates those funds...

Making the presidential election a national Popular Vote by giving little states more than what the Electoral College gives them now, terminating Sohie's Choice of StupidTuesdays, keeping the primary horserace going but no longer than 1 year...

National Electoral reforms (not what's before Congress now)...

but they can wait for another day

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Terrific feedback - thank you! I would be interested in every and all ideas you have about how to preserve democracy. In our recent writings we do delve into plutocracy extensively, which we agree with you is an apt description for the current situation. Re neoliberalism, our usage of the term is rather expansive, but perhaps was best captured in the recent book "Neoliberalism's Demons," by Adam Kotsko. If you have the time and interest it may behoove you to read our past works (found on Substack, Subscription Free) because collectively they form an argument that is too long to serve up in just one newsletter. Best, Mark Hill, Executive Editor

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